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Rocky Horror Lips Reveler Package

$5.00 per package

I would like... If I take you on a strange journey.

Join us and your fellow party revelers as we enter the madness that is ROCKY HORROR at The Lincoln Theatre October 28th.  

Get your reveler package here which has all of the fun interactive movie-goer essentials! Lips Reveler Package contains:

Water gun, Party blower, Custom newspaper, Playing cards, Rice, Toilet paper, Party hat and led Candle. (limited quantity, so order early)

Pre order packages can be picked up at White Branches in Mount Vernon each Wed - Sun 10am - 3pm. 

Also, be make sure to join White Branches 10/20 5pm - 7pm as they open the doors for a pre funk Open House where you can purchase your Reveler package, purchase a glass of wine or beer, indulge in small bites and desserts, peruse the venue, shopping and surprises.

Of course you can get tix for Rocky Horror at  The Lincoln and Caela Bailey's TIMEWARP- A Burlesque Halloween Mind Trip!













Featuring: Caela Bailey - TAQUEET$ - The Shanghai Pearl - The One The Only Inga -  Adra Boo - Trojan Original

Prepare to leave the realm of the ordinary far behind as you venture into a blurred reality where fantasy reigns supreme! TIMEWARP is a Halloween spectacular that defies the rules of the mundane and is guaranteed to turn your night from normal to "Did that just happen?" As the full moon rises and the veil between worlds is nearly non-existent, we beckon you to come and be part of a night where time bends, reality twists, and the weird welcomes the wonderful.

At the heart of this event are the luminaries of Seattle's burlesque scene, individuals who have crafted their identities as architects of intrigue. Embracing the spirit of the season, they celebrate the power of transformation by shedding layers. But not only of latex and lace, but also of norms, convention, and expectations. In their presence, inhibition dissolves like mist, leaving room for desire, disaster, and liberation to emerge.

Get tickets before 10/1 for special pricing!
Timewarp horizontal.jpg

Rocky Horror Movie Tickets October 28th- The Lincoln Theatre

$8.50 - $11.00
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