To All the Wonder Women...

Hello Crown Rules Warriors!

As all of our participants have shown, the Crown Rules movement is about many things: Sometimes it is about how a crown worn on the outside from time to time can show the light that we all carry within, and sometimes it is about a deeper metaphorical crown that you wear every day. This crown is built out of your power, it is shaped by your convictions, it is polished by your inner strength and each gemstone is made up of the many unique little facets of your being that light up the people around you.

We hope that the symbol of the crown helps to add extra sparkle to everyones' day, however, we also know that a crown can be heavy, it can take immense strength of character just to put it on and raise your head on the days when the last thing you feel is your own light.

Today's post is extra special and dear to our hearts and we hope that it will remind you that when you feel the (heaviest), it is more important than ever to put on your crown and shine bright for yourself. We would like to highlight an incredible queen who has been putting on her metaphorical crown in the toughest situations for most of her life. Even if you can't see it, that crown she wears is that of a superhero. It is made of the strongest materials, it radiates light and power even in the darkest time and it takes enormous strength for her to put it on—but she does, for herself and for others to help them say, "let's do this!"

This is the story of Deb "Scrappy Freaking Awesome" Carter

"I was once asked, "what would I go back and tell my younger self if I could?" much! But I would start off telling her to speak up for herself when she's feeling uncomfortable in a situation, and to hold her middle finger up to whoever doesn't like it. To never enter ANY relationship until she builds a solid and secure relationship with herself first. I'd tell her the crooked grin she hates so much, will turn out to be endearing to everyone else. I would tell her follow her passion and ignore ALL negativity. But most of all, I would tell her that her big heart is not a curse, but instead a GIFT & BLESSING...

My first Cancer diagnosis was in 2006 while living in Jacksonville, FL. I was told I had Melanoma, and the prognosis wasn't good. Since I'm a classic overachiever, I not only beat it, but did it in record time.

I decided I needed a fresh start and moved to Phoenix Arizona. I continued to test cancer free, and expected to stay that way. Then on Dec 10th 2010, while on my daily bike ride, I was struck by a hit and run driver. I hit the hood, windshield and then flew over it on to the pavement. I broke my ankle, collar bone, jaw and my back in five places. During one of the many surgeries that followed, a doctor found the cancer had returned. I remember thinking that I was grateful—yes, I said grateful—that I had been hit by that car. If I hadn't, the cancer may not have been found in time to save my life.

I was told it had spread and I most likely would not survive. From that point on, I've been fighting for my life. I had already decided I was going to win, and set out to do exactly that. No matter how I felt, or how sick I was, I got up every day, took my walk and tried to live my life to the fullest.

I learned by showing up to my life every day and truly living it, I was able to bring some peace and calmness to anyone who happened to be around me. When I walked in the room, they didn't see a scared woman with cancer, instead they saw Deb Scrappy Freaking Awesome Carter flashing her crooked smile, letting them know everything will be okay. By talking about it, joking about it, and answering questions, I was able to make it a less scary for them. That was the only gift I could give I did!

There will be some very painful moments in your life, my friends.

There will be moments, days even, when the sun doesn’t seem to rise in your world and the breath feels sucked right out of your lungs.

But you will get through them.

Because life has a way of throwing you a rope, just at the very moment when you thought you couldn’t swim another stroke.

All you have to do is grab it.

Then one day, as is the way of this life, the sun will suddenly beat down on your face again and the air will feel fresher than it ever did.

And there will be laughter. And love. And joy. So much joy. And life will be sweet, like summer after a long winter.

This is when you must live. Really live. Just as the bad times do not last forever neither do the good. But that is life. So, embrace the joy when it comes and let fear slide away. And when the dark times come around again – and they will – remember you have what you need to survive. And you will survive my friends.

You really will.

And on those days, when your sun is high in the sky but you notice another person is facing bad weather, you drop your raft and you go to them. And if they won’t climb in with you, to safety, you simply stay with them in the stormy water till the sun rises again.

And it always does.

For all of you who don't love and care about yourselves enough....I Love you!"

Wonder Woman Deb inspired us to make these our Crown Rules for today:

  • Love and care for yourself, you always deserve it.

  • Just like Wonder Woman, grab the lasso of life and speak your truth

  • Never be ashamed to flash your smile and wear your crown proudly, it will light up others more than you know.

  • "Embrace the joy when it comes and let fear slide away."

Though many years of struggle, this Wonder Woman has worn her crown high, but the weight is now more heavy than ever to bear with added medical issues and the extreme cost of hospital and expenses not covered under insurance.

White Branches has set up a GoFundMe page and would like to ask the Crown Rules community to come together and offer some extra support in lifting up her crown and help ease some of this financial burden. If you are able to to donate, please go to:

Thank you to all who wear the crown, hold their heads high and inspire others to do the same! Shine on!

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