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Updated: Jan 31

Hello Crown Connoisseurs!

Today we have a Crown Rules story from an incredibly talented and unique performer and human being who wears a crown figuratively, if not literally, every day.

She is someone who truly knows what it is to stand tall and own your power, whether it is in her incredible voice, or the way she commands a room!

However, she also understands that it's not always as easy as she makes it look...


You have to know that I wear a crown as part of my job, since I am an entertainer, but in this crazy pandemic it took me quite some power to put it on my head.

So here I was with this gorgeous crown that I thought was there to empower me, but it took me about 4 days to actually place her on my head.

She was heavy and I did not feel worthy of wearing her. I felt weak and had to push myself to actually put her on.

Once I placed the crown on my head and looked in the mirror, I felt a little bit better. I started telling myself that I can do this.

I went all the way that day and went on Instagram with my crown. I got great responses and it made me feel instantly better. After a while the crown just became part of me and she was not heavy anymore. From then on, I just wore her for fun while gardening, at a fire site or playing video games with my son.

I wear different kinds of crowns in my life: the crown of a mother, wife, friend or a performer.

Sometimes I have to be reminded that I have a crown, because I feel small and vulnerable.

But sometimes I am totally aware of it and then I use it to its full capacity.

It is very empowering when you know your crown. It gives you the feeling that you can get stuff done and take over dragons and kingdoms!

Looking back on this experiment, it makes me giggle that it rattled me. I think we all should wear some bling to illuminate this world with more sparkle!

My crown is currently on my desk. She is a great reminder of who I am and what I am worth every time I look at her.

Soon she will be back on my head!!!

Please share your own Crown Rules experience or photos with us here!

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