Halloween- I Put a Spell on You...

Updated: Feb 1

The Witches' Song

Gaze in the cauldron

Listen to what my sisters say

We will give you truth

What you hear is not our concern

Come to my island

I’ll reveal your deepest nature

Sometimes I’m twisted and bent

Because it’s easier for you to understand

When I crown myself

Is it too bright for you to bear?

Sometimes the young girl runs away from me

Because they only taught her to fear

Sometimes I scare her

Because I forget we are one and the same

I’m the villain in the story

When I want to be left alone

I’m the villain in the story

When my goals are too lofty

I terrify them when they realize

The source of my power is outside their control.

They look for my marks

Hair, warts, age, animals

They tried to destroy me

With water, with fire, with their gods

They can’t see my marks

Home, medicine, birth, death

They can’t destroy me

I am not tied to them and I am greater than myself

My magic is completely independent

From anyone else

My hex hurts no one

Until you cast me out or try to control me

My spell is from the earth

And older than history

My beauty is beyond limits

A shape that is ever changing and eternal

My style is bold and intoxicating

(Everyone wants those ruby slippers)

My knowledge is ancient and new

Passed down and rediscovered

Both the stars and the shadows

Know my name

I’ll visit the moon

On a broom, or a mortar, or a pair of wings

I am the keeper

Of secrets and little things

By the pricking of my thumbs

Something wicked this way comes

Happy Halloween to Everyone!

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