#CrownRules -The Beginning

Updated: May 23

Welcome to the White Branches blog and the #CrownRules experience!

Perhaps you found your way here because you already know and love White Branches and saw the #CrownRules on our social media. Or perhaps you stumbled upon our new website and couldn’t resist opening a few marvelous cabinet doors. Or perhaps, like me, you are simply drawn to a little mystery, magic, and a whole lot of sparkle.

Let me introduce myself as your Crown Rules Curator: I will be collecting and sharing the experiences of the people who have been on a journey to find their own Crown Rules. Hopefully one day you will contribute an experience of your own that I can share as well...

So what is #CrownRules?

Let’s begin with few words from Matthew White, the founder of White Branches, in whose mind the idea was born:

“I have had rhinestone crowns at my boutique locations for many years. There are always guests who flock to the pieces and are ecstatic to have a tiara or crown of their own. However, for every one of these guests, there are always a number of people who will say- “Oh I love these, but where would I ever wear this?”

My response is always the same: “Where wouldn't you wear this?”

Wear it to the theater, out on the town, walking the dog, doing the dishes. I feel everyone holds the strength and power of their own ability and nobility within, but sometimes we could use a physical reminder of that inner light. And to me, a crown is the perfect manifestation of that.

Why the hesitation? Why the fear of what others would think? For me, it brought to mind all the times our thoughts or voices are stifled because of what people may say or think; the hesitation we sometimes feel to speak our truth or express our individuality.

I chose to use the hashtag #CrownRules because—Yeah, wearing a crown does rule! But also, on a deeper level, bearing a crown comes with certain rules and responsibilities and I believe each individual should create their own personal Crown Rules.

Wearing a crown is a symbolic way to remind you to hold your head high and know that you can rule over your own destiny. I hope that this is a fun, yet empowering way to help lift up and inspire people to feel confident and supportive and to share that strength with others. ”

And thus the #CrownRules experience began.

Six rhinestone crowns/tiaras were sent out to trusted friends and family members who could offer their own unique perspective. They were instructed to wear their crowns at some point in the day for a week and write down their experience and honest thoughts: the good, the great, the bad, the scary. Here are some of the questions they were asked to consider...

* What was your reaction when you received the crown?

* Where did you wear the crown?

* If you wore it in public, what was the reaction and how did it make you feel?

* Were there times when it was just too heavy to wear, physically or emotionally?

* Did it feel like a burden to you when thinking about the state of affairs?

* Did it make you smile and laugh when thinking about the state of affairs?

* Did you feel silly wearing the crown or powerful? Can you answer Why?

* Did you forget that you were wearing it?

* What was your reaction when you realized you still had it on?

* What does a crown symbolize/represent to you?

* What are your Crown "Rules" to live by?

* Is there something you can share from this experience with others who may be struggling with emotional/physical/mental isolation?

Each participant chose a crown that spoke to them individually and you can look forward to hearing their personal #CrownRules reflections here in these pages...

When the pandemic began, in many ways it became even harder to imagine the possibility of wearing a crown. Most of our usual occasions for dressing up have been put on hold. We are doing more things from home (even in our pajamas). And most of all, it is difficult to find opportunities for feeling special or wanting to shine out in the midst of all the global crises.

But our special moments aren’t gone, our inner lights are not out. While wearing a crown may be just one small manifestation of this, we want to see what it could bring to our daily lives. Putting on a crown right now might seem terrifying, or it might seem delightfully unexpected! What glimpses of joy could it spark? What opportunities for introspection could it inspire? What random human connections could it generate? Can it offer us the chance to revisit our own Crown Rules for living in a time of uncertainty, and add a touch of glamour along the way?

While this blog was started with six original participants, our hope is to encourage anyone and everyone to wear a crown and create their own Crown Rules. Have you always wanted a crown? Then please check out our wide variety of online boutique styles! Or maybe you have a tiara sitting in the back of your closet just waiting for it’s triumphant return! We invite you to don your crown for a week and discover yourself with the Crown Rules experience. Want to share your own Crown Rules?

We would love it if you could share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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