Ariana Savalas-The Dead Dance

Updated: May 23

Now you say you want a resurrection

What once was raff to you is now perfection

Say you're sorry

Say you love me

You want one more chance

To make the dead dance

We released the exciting news on Instagram & Facebook in December, how THRILLED we are that White Branches got to collaborate with the one and only Ariana Savalas in her new music video The Dead Dance!

You may recognize some of our tiaras, crowns and masks being worn to perfection in this haunting music video.

I mean...look at these stunning visuals...

Ariana Savalas is a true epitome of a true Queen. You may know her as a founding member of the music phenomenon Postmodern Jukebox, who's vintage re-imaginings of current popular songs are a huge hit both online and in live concerts around the world *Check out Ariana killing some Billie Eilish, tango style here!

As an incredible singer, songwriter, dancer and multi-instrumentalist, Ariana is just as at home commanding a full live audience as she is bewitching us on camera. As her website bio puts it, "the Postmodern Jukebox princess has solidified herself as the musical burlesque queen and the mistress of the modern Moulin Rouge."

We couldn't agree more and we couldn't think of a better embodiment of Crown Rules!

White Branches first connected with Ariana when she performed at Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle WA and Matthew White (already a huge fan of hers) got to meet her in person.

"Along with her incredible talents and ability to wooo the audience, she is one of the nicest individuals I have met in my life. I loved watching her performance each night at Teatro ZinZanni and then being entranced at her amazing Menage a Tour event in Vegas. We have become fast friends and I am so thrilled to play a small part with our boutique items in her latest video for The Dead Dance. I look forward to future events together and for the time when I can see my friend again performing and personally give a big hug to this outstanding Diva." —Matthew

The Dead Dance is the title track from Ariana's studio album, released on December 18th, 2020. The album features songs in a variety of styles and tones that showcase her impressive talents and range- The haunting and ethereal ode to hope and heartbreak that is The Dead Dance is a—*cough* totally unbiased—favorite.

In the music video, Ariana emerges like a spirit from the water, wearing her crown confidently upon her head, even as she sings of her emotional suffering:

But when I scream

And sing out loudly

Though my heart is sleeping soundly

When I feel the beat surround me

Maybe there's a chance

To make the dead dance.

What a beautiful symbol of the way that sometimes our power lies in our greatest moments of vulnerability.

We started the Crown Rules blog to create a community and say that it is possible to lift our heads (crowns) high, live our best lives and to support ourselves and others when we feel beaten down. Thank you, Ariana, for showing us that your crown and everything it symbolizes can remain with you no matter what.

So grab your crown and check out the gorgeous music video for The Dead Dance below and remember, You are strong and You rule your own kingdom! 🖤

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