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Á La Carte Menu

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Tantalizing Menu Additions

Sensational Scones $9.75

Deliciously crusted exterior with a mouthwatering soft baked interior, has everyone boasting that these are the best scones ever! Freshly baked in house upon guest arrival.

Choose from luscious peach scones with hints of vanilla, our wonderful plain scones with a touch of lemon zest, served with raspberry preserves or our decadent chocolate chip and also our delicious vegan/gluten free scones! 

Bubbly  Mimosas or Bellini Cocktails

A delightful prosecco drink created by Giuseppe Cipriani who first poured this infamous concoction in 1948. Our prosecco is perfectly paired with orange juice or with succulent peach nectar and diced peaches

Price per glass - $9.00

Tea Sandwich Sampler $9.75

For those just wanting a sampling of our tea sandwiches:

Curried egg salad with mango chutney on wheat/ Tarragon Chicken with diced celery and tangy cranberry on croissant/ Roast turkey with Havarti and cranberry Dijon on a sourdough/ Cucumber with dill butter on white/ Caprese salad-mozzarella & tomato with basil pesto and drizzled with a balsamic glaze on crostini. Served with fresh sliced fruit.

Sparkling Spritzers

Delicious, bubbly and refreshing! Sparkling Rose’ spritzer, Sauvignon sparkling spritzer, Pineapple infused wine spritzer, Watermelon infused wine spritzer and Lime with Elderflower wine spritzer.

Price per glass - $5.00

Ask your server about our wonderful beer and wine selections!

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